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    Welcome to the WRANS Naval Women's Association N.S.W. Website.

    The website name was changed from EX WRANS Association of NSW
    to the new name on the 13th September 2013 as the WRANS no longer
    exist in the Royal Australian Navy and to reflect the current
    position of Naval Service Women.

    The Association was formed on the 20th September 1963.
    It is active in attending various Commemorative Services
    and Social Functions through the Calander Year.

    Our membership is open to the following categories:

       World War II WRANS from 1941 to 1948

       Post World War II WRANS from 1951 to 1985

       Naval Servicewomen (Current and ex serving) from 1985

    The photograph on the left is of the WRANS Window in the Chapel
    at the former Garden Island. The window was commissioned by the
    Association after consultations with members, serving WRANS and
    interested parties.

    Last Updated  8th February 2014

                WRANS Naval Women's Association NSW